CoBoo Bundle

CoBoo Bundle

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Ready to treat yourself?  This limited time offer comes with everything a mama needs to power through her pumping journey - and it's 30% off (discount taken at checkout).  It come with all of CoBoo's signature products:

-Natural Pumping Spray to ease the discomfort of pumping

-Melting Nip Balm to help moisturize and protect sore nipples

-Hydration in BOTH Coconut Lime and Peach Mango flavors to keep you hydrated and a milk-making machine

-Silky Stretch Cream to nourish your skin before and after Baby

-Breast Milk Storage Mini-Milk Jug

-Limited-edition stainless steel hydration water bottle in NEW Violet color with "Turning water into liquid gold one ounce at a time" lettering

In honor of all the rockstar mamas out there making it happen day after day, we discounted this bundle 30% OFF so you can treat yourself this Valentines Day!

Why coboo?

Natural Ingredients

A unique blend of three oils creates the perfect glide for your skin as you pump.

Less friction. Less pain.

Less friction, less skin irritation, less pain - all with 100% natural, food-grade ingredients.

Soothe Your Skin

Shea butter is suspended in the oils, so your skin gets the moisture it needs to stay healthy.

Amazing!! I exclusively pumped for my first baby and I wish this had been available then.  CoBoo Spray is convenient and makes pumping almost enjoyable. I can’t pump without it now.


Do yourself a solid and buy some CoBoo Spray! Used it last night for the first time & oh my wow!!! This is fantastic! Moms who are pumping, do yourself a solid and buy some CoBoo Spray.


I've had 4 kids and if this spray was available with my first 3 I wouldn't have stopped pumping. I purchased my spray 3 wks ago and this is a total pumping game changer for sure. 5/5!!


I am completely blown away by this. I feel like I suffered needlessly through my first and this time around it is so much better! Love it!