Stop Painful, Dry Pumping

Our all natural spray lubricates and moisturizes tender nipples while pumping

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Use Coboo to moisturize while you pump

Dry and cracked nipples can lead to...

  • 🚫   Lactation Mastitis
  • 🚫   Nipple Fissures
  • 🚫   Breast and Nipple Thrush
  • 🚫    Blisters
  • 🚫   Bacterial Infections
  • 🚫   Contact Dermatitis
  • 🚫   Nipple Eczema
  • 🚫   And Other Nipple Issues

Specially Formulated Ingredients

Our unique blend of all natural, hypoallergenic and vegan oils is specially formulated to help Lubricate, Moisturize and Soothe your breast and tender nipples while you pump

Lubricate Pump Flanges

Olive & Coconut oil lubricate the pump flanges so your skin glides while you pump

Moisturize Breasts

Sunflower oil moisturizes your skin to prevent dry, cracked, and chafed nipples

Soothe Tender Nipples

Shea butter is suspended in the oils to protect and soothe your tender nipples 

Assemble your breast pump entirely

Apply 1 spray to each flange from 1 inch away to avoid overspray

Apply pump to breast, and pump easier without friction

Eliminate Pumping Friction & Chafing In 3 Easy Steps

  • Assemble your breast pump entirely
  • Apply 1 spray to each flange from 1-2 inches away
  • Apply pump to breast, and pump much more comfortable

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